Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire safety in homes & offices has never been taken for granted, and no more so than in recent years. But does this mean that every household in the UK currently has the most up-to-date and fully operational fire alarm systems?

Absolutely not. In light of The Fire Kills Campaign, much focus has been placed on the importance of testing household fire alarm systems and the message does seem to be getting across. But now, the clear message is, and needs to be, that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years to continue to work properly and operate successfully. This is in the best interest of all who live in the household day-to-day, work in the business office as well as anyone who may come to visit.

Notion Services provide first-rate fire alarm installation services to ensure peace at mind and to deliver fully-operational equipment that can and will save lives in the event of unexpected fires. If you are unsure of when your fire alarms were last updated, want to take further precautions in your home, business or just think it is just about time for an upgrade, then Notion Services have highly competitive rates and accredited expert engineers who would be happy to take care of your next fire alarm installation needs to a professional standard.

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