Wet or Dry Underfloor Heating?

11th March 2022

There are many pros to having underfloor heating installed in your home. It saves space and looks good as the need for radiators is eliminated giving you complete interior design freedom. It is also usually cheaper to run.  The qu ...
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Types of Lighting you should know about

1st October 2021

You may think that changing the lighting in your home is difficult and won’t have that much impact on the space but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of different options to change the lighting in your ho ...
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Latest Kitchen Trends

17th September 2021

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. It is where we come together to cook, eat and socialise whether it be with our family or friends and guests. As it is used so frequently it is common for homeowners to wan ...
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Switching to Renewable Energy

10th September 2021

How to make your home more eco-friendly by switching to renewable energy. In 2020, over 42% of the UK's grid electricity came from renewable energy, overtaking fossil fuels for the first time. At home, you can install electricity ...
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6 Reasons why now is a good time to get your boiler serviced

1st September 2021

Firstly, what is a boiler service? An annual boiler service includes tests and checks on your boiler to ensure it is running efficiently and effectivly. Boiler checks should only be carried out by a Gas Safe enginner. At Notion S ...
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3rd year of sponsorship for Stoneham

10th September 2019

Notion Services are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring AFC Stoneham again for the 3rd year running. Below is a picture of the boys showing off their new kit and also a picture of the boys having some fun.
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Stoneham Tornadoes win Plat Tournament

7th July 2019

Notion Services are the proud Sponsor of the Stoneham Tornadoes. We have been Sponsoring them for 2 years now and have just signed up for another season. We are pleased to anounce that they won the Plat Tournament which is a massi ...
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Bathroom refurbishment to a property in Winchester

5th July 2019

We were contacted by this Estate Agent as we were recommended to them through another company we do work for. They asked us to completely refurbish this bathroom due to a leak and damp in the bathroom. We liased with them and the ...
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Notion Services take part in the Modball Rally Europe

28th June 2019

Notion Services took part in the Modball Rally Europe. This consisted of driving from London to Ibiza stopping off in Paris, Geneva, Barcelona and Valencia on the way. We met some amazing people and had an incredible time seeing s ...
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New Jetting machine has arrived

23rd May 2019

Notion Services are proud to announce the arrival of our new Jetting machine. This will help us deal with blocked drains more efficiently. We will cover blocked drains and even carry out annual cleans to help prevent a blockage ev ...
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