Landscape Lighting


Landscape Lighting

At Notion Services, we can bring out the beauty in any outdoor space. From decorating residential gardens with bespoke lighting, to illuminating pathways and patios.

Our professionals love taking on these projects and take pride in producing something unique that our homeowners and clients will adore. Whether it’s for practicality purposes or to highlight specific features, we can transform any outdoor landscape without breaking the bank.

Landscape lighting isn’t just about bringing light to an occasion, it’s about enhancing an outdoor space to make the most of its pre-existing features. Your ideas, with our designs and deliverance will utilize the existing potential posed by any plants, trees, pathways and other features you may have. Our purpose with these types of projects will always be to maximize the effect that bespoke lighting has on the overall aesthetic of your garden.

Regardless of the layout, size or style of your outdoor space, we at Notion Services will take on any landscape lighting project and will deliver it to a professional standard. Our fittings and designs will work perfectly with the unique surroundings and every light we install will be placed tactically to ensure that the lighting effect is maximized specific to its purpose. We never leave trailing wires or anything of that nature that could potentially obscure the overall aesthetic design or cause a health and safety risk.

For more information on our landscape lighting schemes and what we can offer your outdoor space through our professional services, please contact us either by calling: 0345 209 4747 or visiting the contact page on our website for more ways to get in touch.

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