Office Refurbishments

Why would you move your business from one office to another at great cost and logistical difficulty, when one straightforward and cost-effective office refurb can provide all the same benefits but at a lower cost? Exactly, you wouldn’t… but how do you get the straightforward and cost-effective parts? Well, you call Notion Services.

Notion Services’ team of expert contractors enable businesses to turn their current office location into contemporary, spacious and cost-effective workplaces through clever, and well-thought-out design and implementation. Each design is made to order with a no one size fits all policy and the aim of getting the most out of your pre-existing work space. In the early stages of planning we take-on board exactly what it is our clients are looking for including specific needs and desires and then the team set to work in guaranteeing that each need is met with as little disruption to the running of your business as possible. 

1. Get to know your company and its unique culture. 
2. Find out why it is you are looking to refurbish your current office space.
3. Discover your individual wants and needs.
4. Take on-board any particular design ideas you may have
5. Draw-up a detailed breakdown of all work that is required and provide a quote.
6. Assign you a Project Manager to oversea all work from start to finish
7. Develop a planned work schedule to meet your needs and ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Don’t delay call Notion Services today and start planning the office refurbishment of the year! Reach us on: 0345 209 4747

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