The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 12th November 2018

Notion Services based in Winchester offer a comprehensive range of domestic reactive, planned and preventative maintenance services, but no more so than their first-rate carpet cleaning service.

With varying amounts of foot traffic in rooms throughout the house, having carpets professionally cleaned every 1-2 years is important to not only keeping it looking like new but to improve its longevity. It’s said that homeowners should vacuum their carpets at least once a week to maintain them between their annual professional cleans. Professional carpet cleaning has many benefits and we've listed 6 of them below.

1. Eliminate Carpet Stains

With Notion Services taking care of your carpets, no longer will you have to stare at those distractingly ugly stains that are impossible to get out or hide them from guests. Say goodbye to carpet imperfections thanks to our hot water extraction method that can remove the toughest marks and leave your carpet looking entirely fresh. 

2. Carpet Life Extension

If you go years without a professional carpet clean, a combination of dust, dirt, allergens and other debris will accumulate over time, get embedded, and will begin to split and deteriorate the fibres in your carpet. This will significantly reduce its lifetime, especially if you fail to vacuum clean regularly. 

Methods including the hot water extraction technique can effectively remove debris from carpet fibres and leave it fully sanitized in the same process. Once more, regular vacuum cleaning will decrease this damaging build-up in your carpets and can preserve them for much longer.

3. Bacteria and Dirt Removal

The reason that a professional carpet clean is recommended in addition to regular vacuuming, is because this only removes surface level dirt and so it’s important that annually, this service is used to treat the carpet fibres leaving them clean on a micro level, as well as a surface level. Existing bacteria in a carpet that’s been left to linger will also begin to create an odour, meaning that a room won’t smell too fresh and can make breathing for asthma or allergy sufferers particularly uncomfortable.

The very high temperatures used in many professional carpet cleaning services are designed to kill off said allergens and contribute to making a much healthier breathing environment for all individuals, families and visitors. The method thoroughly sanitizes all carpeted floor surfaces that are found in most rooms of any UK domestic household.

4. Up-to-date, Innovative Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Many households choose against paying for a professional carpet clean, or just don’t bother considering it in the first place. Instead, they try to make get maximum usage out of their domestic vacuum cleaners, which doesn’t necessarily mean that their carpets are as clean as they seem. However, sometimes they’re not wrong here, many service providers still use older models of carpet cleaning machines today and many of which are outdated and inefficient meaning that they can leave cleaning chemicals or residue behind.

At Notion Services, we don’t use tough chemicals for tough stains, instead, we ensure that all of our equipment is up to date with the latest industry-leading technology to bring your drab carpets back to life and leave you with a flawless finish. We pride ourselves on ensuring a quality job well done for our valued customers and strive to offer value for money through the implementation of our first-rate carpet cleaning service. 

Through the use of the latest hot water extraction techniques and the best equipment on the market, we are prepared to battle tough stains, save damaged carpet fibres from dirt build-up, achieve flawless results and produce a like-new finish that we are proud to provide, one that you will be proud to show off.

5. Reduce Lane Traffic Deterioration

Carpet traffic lanes refer to the areas of your carpets where the most foot traffic in the house is received i.e. the busiest walking areas in the household. These areas usually consist of hallways, living rooms and kitchens, whereas areas like under beds or sofas won’t be so heavily used, if at all.

These heavily used areas of carpet, therefore, are the most vulnerable and prone to build-up of harmful dust, dirt and debris that is walked into it over time, not to mention mere deterioration from scuffs and general volume of footsteps. It is known that the more often these carpet surfaces are professionally cleaned, the more protected and resilient they are to this kind of damage and wear due to the restoration of the carpet fibres.

6. Improve the Appearance of Any Carpeted Room

As the largest furnishing in the room, the furnishing that receives the most daily use, and the furnishing that has the power to tie a whole room together, it’s an important one to look after to ensure that it lasts nearly as long as it should and looking the way that it should. Carpets are extremely expensive to replace but when maintained properly through use of Notion Services, your carpets can be maintained over an extensive period of time. 
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